What separates Team Read from other youth literacy programs? It’s our dual-impact model, where teens tutor kids for reading success.

Teen coaches tell us they love helping kids become joyful readers while learning and growing themselves. Here’s what some of them say about why they appreciate working with Team Read:

Nurturing Growth and Connection
“I really like just hanging out with kids and like getting the opportunity to be a little silly sometimes and getting them to laugh, but also like more than anything just watching them grow. You really get to see how they progress, and how quickly they progress, too … The relationship is the most important thing to me.” –Sophia, Reading Coach

“As I see my student grow in their reading and comprehension skills, I notice myself growing, too. Team Read and my students teach me how to be compassionate and how to appreciate the little things in life. It also allowed me to do more for my community and be a role model to my students.” –Sadeen, Reading Coach

Inspiring Future Educators
“I knew I had to take the first step into the journey of becoming a teacher, but I wasn’t sure how … Team Read has served as the perfect gateway into the career that I hope to have in the future, and I am so grateful for this opportunity! It has been such an amazing experience so far! I have met so many incredible people.” –Pryce, Reading Coach

“I want to get into education … And this felt like a good place to start. Getting to see the kids on a regular basis – that’s a highlight of my week. My proudest moments are seeing growth in my student and how their reading skills are improving, seeing their understanding of certain word structures grow.” –Desmond, Reading Coach

Preparing Young Leaders
“I’ve learned a lot about flexibility and being able to adapt to different environments. Another thing I love about Team Read is the two-way street. Having my first job be something that makes a positive impact in my community, feeds my passion for literature, and helps students progress in their reading is so rewarding.” – Sabrina, Reading Coach

“It was a great experience to use my bilingual skills in the workplace to help support Spanish-speaking families. Through these phone calls, I was able to connect with parents and gain an understanding of how Team Read is making an impact.” – Alexa, Site Assistant

Team Read’s unique, 1:1 model creates connections between young readers and their coaches, even during the disruption of the pandemic. Coaches can see readers make steady progress and get excited about reading.

“What I like most about Team Read is being able to see the kids grow and see them happy to read and wanting to pick up a book,” says Reading Coach Jasmyn.

As we say in one of our taglines, the Power is in the Pair!