Sadie and Tre

“Something fun and unique about Tre is his energy and his sense of humor. Tre is always super energetic, which is really great when he can direct that towards reading. He likes to do voices for the different characters, and he always tries to have a very fun and engaging reading voice. He is especially funny during our phonics games and always goes the extra mile when stretching out his words or rhyming with nonsense words. Even if I’ve had a super long day at school, or if I’m feeling tired before Team Read, working with Tre is always energizing and hilarious.” – Sadie, Reading Coach in Seattle

Iris and Jessica

“I love working as a Team Read coach. Not only is it really fun to be able to do something after school, but it’s also super nice to be able to help someone get caught up to their grade level in reading. I love my student reader, Jessica. She is very determined and always willing to try new strategies. In the beginning she wasn’t that at all interested in reading, but as I got to know my reader’s skills and what she needed help with, I was able to make a connection with her. Iris then opened up and was willing to work with me and learn new things.” – Iris, Reading Coach in Highline

Note: Both Tre and Jessica increased one or more grades level in their first semester of Team Read.