Team Read launched our 2021 summer program on July 6th. Many of our Seattle-based coaches and readers who worked together during the school year opted to continue their partnership for five weeks of virtual programming. Team Read’s core program included five different sites, drawing in readers from across the city. The program consisted of one:one tutoring three days a week and one day of enrichment activities, in partnership with the The Seattle Public Library and Frye Art Museum. Nearly 100 coaches worked with about 180 students. In addition, we partnered with Catholic Community Services and Yesler Terrace to offer Team Read twice a week for 20 students who participated in their summer school program. We also continued our partnership with Lowell Elementary to provide one:one math tutoring support with trained Team Read coaches for their school-based summer math program, serving 20 students four hours a week from July 28th – August 20th.

Our Teens in Public Service Interns, Evie and Skye, were incredibly helpful this summer. They wrote stories about our reading pairs, planned and executed student reader enrichment activities, assisted with an alumni research project, and much more. “I’m so excited to be working with Team Read this summer! I distinctly remember the immense joy and empowerment in learning to read, and I love supporting Team Read in their mission of bringing reading skills to every kid,” said Evie. Check our Evie and Skye’s Powerful Pairs stories from this summer on Team Read’s social media pages (see links below)!

We started this summer looking forward to the evolving “new normal,” given vaccine roll out and some of the early pandemic restrictions easing. Last year’s work connecting teen reading coaches with their younger peers was remarkably successful, yet we know it would be even better in person – and a return to school-based programming is our goal.  After careful consideration, Seattle Team Read has made the hard-wrought decision to remain online for 2021-2022.  We want to make sure our program aligns with health and safety regulations at the schools, while also ensuring our school partners, teen coaches and students feel safe and supported participating in Team Read. We know our reading pairs thrive when they can work together on-site, but if the last year has taught us anything, it’s that Team Read students are committed to their work together!  Since launching our first virtual program in Summer 2020, we’ve seen readers and coaches develop strong, authentic, and enduring personal connections while making great progress reading together online.  

Seattle reading coach Isabelle believes it is important for Team Read to continue to grow and serve more students. “Tutoring helps with topic comprehension, boosting confidence, and developing critical learning skills,” she explains. As a returning coach for the 2021-2022 school year, Isabelle says she is eager to bring “attention and assistance” to the next generation of readers.  Team Read will be expanding this fall – read on for news about our Tukwila partnership and stay tuned for more updates!