We are thrilled to announce Team Read will be partnering with Tukwila School District (TSD) beginning this fall to provide one:one reading tutoring support for 2nd and 3rd grade students at Cascade View, Tukwila, and Thorndyke Elementary Schools. Earlier this year, district staff inquired about bringing Team Read to Tukwila to provide additional support for their academic achievement goals. “Team Read provides the opportunity to create a learning community that supports and empowers our students by having our secondary students reading with our elementary students,” says Stephanie Chen, Tukwila’s Director of ELL, Early and Elementary Education. “Our students have additional opportunities to gain mentorship and work experience, improve their reading abilities, and nurture their love of reading. Thank you, Team Read, and welcome to Tukwila!”

Tukwila’s student body is comprised of a remarkable array of different cultures and ethnic groups. Students speak more than 80 world languages and Team Read will be following our goal of matching student readers with teen coaches from the same neighborhood, and who often speak the same language. Working with a near-peer who comes from a similar background helps pairs develop a powerful connection. Young students become stronger, more confident readers and coaches feel pride in changing the lives of children in their community.

The Tukwila Team Read program will launch in November, aiming to serve 20-24 students from each elementary school. Reading coaches will be recruited from Foster High School. Team Read’s Director of Organizational Expansion, Dr. Judy Margrath, worked closely with Tukwila staff to bring the program to their district. “Tukwila has welcomed Team Read with outstanding support and assistance, and we’re excited to see the reading pairs in action this fall!” she says.