Last updated: 1/19/2022

As students and their families grapple with academic interruption from the coronavirus, programs that empower young people, engage whole communities, and center around youth, are the way forward.  Working collaboratively with our school and library partners, Team Read is ready to do all that we can to emerge from this unusual period even stronger. 

My students’ school is temporarily closed or remote, will there still be Team Read after school?

Despite uncertainties created by the pandemic, Team Read is committed to providing after-school programming. If schools shift to remote learning, we will continue or shift to online programming. If schools are closed or we have a supervisory staff absence we cannot cover, we will notify families regarding program closure on that day.  

Please assume tutoring sessions will continue unless you receive a text message or email to the contrary.  

How is Team Read being implemented in each district for the 2021-22 school year?

Seattle Team Read will continue online for the 2021-22 school year. Highline Team Read will offer a hybrid program (students online at school, coaches remote/online). Tukwila and Renton Team Read will be fully in-person.

Resources for Student Readers

The most important thing you can do to build a strong reader is to include 20 minutes of reading time at home every day. Here are suggestions for your student’s 20 minutes:

  • Let your student choose the book.
  • Provide a quiet, comfy space to read.
  • TV off. No screens around.
  • Include a snack or a favorite stuffed animal. Students can read to their stuffies.
  • Ask your student about the book.
  • Find ways to connect the book to your student’s life (A book about penguins? Ask your student what they already know about penguins).
  • Encourage your student to read aloud to you.

Online access to books

We will continue to update this section to provide additional resources
student readers and their families. Stay tuned!