Job Title/Company
Administrative Systems Coordinator, EarthCorps

Team Read Experience
Reading coach: 2006-2009
Site Assistant: 2009-2010
Tutoring Sites: Beacon Hill, Van Asselt and Madrona

Seven years after leaving Team Read, Tiffany Chan is still using many of the skills she learned as a reading coach. “Team Read has a good culture that is inspirational in creating the work that I do now,” she says. Tiffany is currently the administrative systems coordinator for EarthCorps, which brings together passionate and hardworking young adults from the US and countries around the world, for a yearlong leadership training program in Seattle.

Team Read provided Tiffany with an ongoing learning experience and curiosity to build relationships. “It takes a lot of patience and persistence when you’re trying to connect with kids who are learning to read,” she says. “You discover new ways to get students excited about reading – let them pick a book that they like, talk about that book and ask questions. Through humor and fun, you integrate learning.”

“One of the elements of mentorship that I see myself bringing to EarthCorps is the value in weaving together the individuality of participants with the collective goal at EarthCorps so that it’s stronger than ever before. Visually it’s like constructing a stronger and multifaceted yarn strand from intertwining thinner and single colored threads – each still their own individual strand, but collectively creating a vibrant and durable yarn ball to make a comfy sweater.”

Prior to joining the team at EarthCorps, Tiffany worked at Woodland Park Zoo as a youth programs instructor, visiting middle schools to teach students about conservation and what they can do to help animals at home and around the world. She also mentored high school volunteers and interns.

As she continues to build important relationships and inspire others to make a difference in the world, Tiffany is grateful for the experience and knowledge she gained in Team Read. Through her work in environmental justice, she hopes to “bridge and strengthen this local and global exchange of practices, efforts, and perspectives in cultivating vibrant and thriving communities.”

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