Job title and company: Managing Director, Washington State Public Health Association

Team Read Experience: Reading coach, 2001-2002

Team Read was my introduction to leadership. Participating in the program as a reading coach taught me how to be professional and responsible in addition to giving me opportunities to practice good decision making. My experience working with my mentee, Yvonne, helped me understand the impact of kindness and the value of patience. I have continued to build on these qualities through college, graduate school and in my career.

Since finishing my masters degree in public health, I have worked in higher education, in healthcare and in nonprofit management. My interests and passion remain close to mentorship and nurturing the next generation of leaders. Reflecting on my experience at Team Read, I feel the organization’s impact goes beyond reading. Team Read provides kids, especially those of color, an opportunity to grow leadership skills and ultimately, a chance to have a voice and seat at the decision making table.