Job Title and Company
Strategy & Operations Consultant, Deloitte

Team Read Experience
2004-05: Reading coach at Whitworth Elementary and Hawthorne Elementary
2016-present: Team Read Board Member

When I was 15, all of my friends were looking for a job. Unfortunately, very few places hired workers under 16, and those that did expected applicants with prior experience. I was frustrated because I wanted to get job experience and I also wanted to be able to earn money. When I learned about the Team Read opportunity, applying was a no-brainer. It provided me with the opportunity to earn a competitive hourly wage, learn valuable lessons about responsibility, and make a positive impact on my community. My experience at Team Read set the trajectory for the rest of my professional career.

The most powerful lesson I learned from my experience at Team Read was how to stick to a commitment. It was my responsibility to travel to my reader every day after school. I did not have an option to be late or not show up. It was my responsibility to put forth my best effort to help students enjoy reading. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could help them learn to love reading as much as I did. I was able to apply those lessons learned to the other jobs I had throughout high school, and even use the lessons from Team Read today in my career as a management consultant.