Former reading coach Amber Ladd is a Data Registrar at Aki Kurose Middle School and has worked for Seattle Public Schools for eight years. She tutored for Team Read during middle school at Rainier View Elementary.

I loved being a reading coach with Team Read. It made me feel responsible. I knew that my student depended on me to be there and to help them grow in their reading. Having that sense of responsibility at such a young age helped me grow as a person. It prepared me for my first job as a teenager. I also think of it as my first experience as a mentor. I currently mentor 6th-8th grade African-American females through My Sister’s Keeper. Team Read helped me see the value in mentorship.

When I meet students who are interested in Team Read, I let them know that it’s a commitment. It’s not something they can play around with. The younger students are looking up to them. Literacy is so important. It is such an imperative part of our everyday lives. I am so thankful for programs like Team Read.