The school year is now well underway and teachers are working hard to provide high-quality remote learning for our children. But students who began the year already behind their peers often need additional support outside the classroom. Team Read saw an increase in student referrals this year for our virtual after school program, with several previously smaller sites now at capacity. When staff checked in with families last week, many parents said they were grateful their child will have access to free, one:one tutoring during this time. People everywhere are experiencing anxiety and isolation, and long for social interaction. Teen reading coaches can provide both the personal connection and individual support young students need right now.

According to a recent USA Today article, “Experts say making tutors available to more kids – especially those least able to afford to hire one themselves – could be vital to combating learning losses that resulted when the coronavirus forced schools to shut down and transition to online-only instruction… If those children meet with a tutor who walks them through the content for an hour a day – or even every other day – they’re bound to develop the tools needed to understand the classroom instruction.”

Team Read is proud to continue providing tutoring sessions for young readers and meaningful (remote) jobs for local teens during COVID-19. Programming kicks off today – stay tuned for stories featuring our Powerful Pairs throughout the year!