Success Stories


Powerful Pairs

The magic of Team Read is the near peer connection between coach and reader.

Third grader Queen began the school year reading at a kindergarten level. The books she finished were simple pattern books with one or two lines on each page. She struggled with significant behaviors that impacted her ability to learn in the full classroom setting. But when Queen met her Team Read coach Kristin on the first day of program in November, the pair connected immediately. No matter how tough a day she had at school, Queen begged to come to Team Read and read with Kristin.

The pair started to read longer books. They practiced phonics strategies and worked together to memorize sight words. “Queen particularly loves to work on sight words! From the start to now, I can clearly see her growth in building vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension,” says Kristin. “She has demonstrated tremendous effort in reading and when she finds the right book, remains engaged throughout.” Supported by her teacher, school staff and her coach Kristin, Queen finished the year reading at a 2nd grade level and continues to make great strides with her work.