deveTeam Read believes young people learn and lead confidently when nurtured, entrusted with responsibility, and are held accountable for their performance. We take a strengths-based approach to our work with young readers and teen coaches, by listening to their voices, embracing and cultivating their assets, and supporting their empowerment. Over the past several months, Team Read program staff have worked together to develop workshops for our reading coaches to provide additional professional development outside of their weekly tutoring sessions.

This year our spring workshops will focus on the three following topics: 

Preparing students for the future – Coaches will learn how to help their student(s) become independent readers, how to work on setting reading goals outside of Team Read with their reader, and prepare to launch our May Read-A-Thon.

Career Panel – Professionals and/or college students (including several Team Read alumni) who work in various fields such as health, technology, education, and advocacy, will participate in a career panel to discuss what helped them develop professionally. Coaches will have to opportunity to ask questions and learn more about achieving their career goals.

Resume Writing – In this workshop coaches will learn how to develop a strong resume and have time to brainstorm ideas for their own resume.

Workshops begin mid-April and will be hosted online. We look forward to spending time with our teen coaches, listening to their feedback about the program, and working with them to develop important skills for the future!