Danielle is a paraprofessional at Cascade Middle School and the site coordinator for the Team Read 4 Program at Hazel Valley Elementary.

Why did you want to work for Team Read?
As somebody who struggled with reading until high school, I felt like this was a great opportunity to show young readers that they aren’t alone, and it is possible to overcome their reading challenges.

What background, experience, skills, interests do you feel you are bringing to this role?
When I was a freshman in high school, I had a fabulous paraeducator who refused to give up on me and helped me get up to grade level in reading. This experience inspired me to work in the Read for Meaning class at Cascade Middle School, providing small group reading instruction for low level readers. Reading is truly my passion; it is the backbone of all learning.

What has been the most interesting thing you have learned in this role?
I’ve learned how to keep the readers engaged after a long day at school. I try to make TR4 fun for them, so that they don’t feel like it is just more schoolwork.

How do you think TR4 is supporting the readers to be successful in school?
TR4 allows readers to work one-on-one with a teen coach and build a relationship with them. They have a mentor who is strictly there to support their needs.

What is your favorite thing about being a TR4 Site Coordinator?
I love being able to make connections with the readers and coaches. I get to provide them with support outside of the classroom. Readers also love the silly games that I come up with to play.