Site Assistant Job Description

Teen Site Assistants help build community, implement the Team Read program model with fidelity, provide support to reading coaches, and track their site’s student reader and coach data. Site Assistants must be detail-oriented and able to take initiative to support site operations and coaches as needed. (Site Assistants are not paired with student readers.)

Roles and Responsibilities

Support one-on-one reading coaching (in collaboration with Site Coordinator)

  • Learn and refer to all coaches and students by name, making everyone feel welcome
  • Develop supportive relationships with coaches and readers to create a positive learning environment for readers and a rewarding job experience for teens
  • Observe pairs closely throughout every session: listen to coach-reader interactions and provide direct feedback and support to coaches by modeling skills and strategies for success

 Support site logistics (in collaboration with the Site Coordinator)

  • Take and record coach and reader attendance every day
  • Provide training and support to new coaches who come in during the year, as needed
  • Fill in for absent coaches, as needed
  • Assist with technology issues, if relevant
  • Help with reader family follow up in case of absence

 Support site communications, data entry, and evaluations

  • Attend required Site Assistant trainings and meetings
  • Maintain site records (Site Coordinators are ultimately responsible for the accuracy and completeness of this information):
    • Daily student reader and coach attendance
    • Reader and coach program status and contact information
    • Program evaluation data, including reading level growth and books read, etc.
    • Coach payroll/compensation records/timesheets as per school district guidelines
  • Notify Site Coordinator of concerts with coach and reader attendance
  • Assist in the collection of stakeholder (reader family, coach and coach family, referring teacher, and principal) feedback, as needed

Support ongoing program development

  • Proactively provide feedback on program operations
  • Help recruit coaches at area high schools, as needed

Team Read’s Commitment
Team Read commits to support you as you develop the skills needed to succeed as a Site Assistant right now, as well as in your future career. This role is an excellent opportunity to grow your communications and leadership skills, sharpen your attention to detail, and learn more about how the Team Read program operates. We want you to see and feel the power of community connection through your work!