Our 2021-22 school year evaluations results are in, and once again they show the power of Team Read’s dual impact, with impressive results for both Student Readers and teen Reading Coaches.

Student Readers again demonstrated improved confidence, growth mindset and evidence that they developed positive peer support. Referring Teachers and Principals who were surveyed as part of the evaluation noted that Team Read is playing a crucial role in their schools, which is particularly helpful as student needs have increased due to pandemic losses.

One Referring Teacher reflected on the transformation they observed, “The students I referred at the beginning of the year, they didn’t want to be called upon. They were aware of where they are at. Now they are more willing, and they have the confidence and tools to try.” 89% of Referring Teachers surveyed agreed that students who participated in Team Read have more reading confidence because of Team Read.

Reading Coaches made high-impact gains again, too. Reading Coaches, their families, and Site Coordinators who oversee their peer-tutoring observed Coaches gaining job-readiness skills and developing life skills like communication strategies, leadership, patience, and perseverance. 90% of Reading Coaches surveyed indicated they developed skills they can use in other work settings, now and in the future. Further, 94% of Site Coordinators agreed Reading Coaches gained career preparation skills by participating in Team Read.

While reading levels and confidence gains can be measured, magic is a little tricker to quantify. But one Principal who participated in the evaluation summed it up best, “Moving reading levels is important, but the relationships between kids and coaches are fantastic, and that is what makes the program impactful.” A Site Coordinator shared, “The strength is the relationships and one-on-one support with the coach and reader. That has been exciting, and I have not seen that before. It makes a difference, has a positive impact, and our readers enjoy the program.”

Want to learn more about Team Read’s results? Join us for a live stakeholder call to learn how we evaluate, what we’ve learned over time, and what we’re tracking now in the post-pandemic classroom.

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