“Team Read is the best thing in the world!”  exclaims Heather, a sunny 4th grader at one of our partner elementary schools.

Heather participates in Team Read 4, a new program that helps 4th grade students to develop more complex reading comprehension skills through reading chapter books and writing about their reading in journals.

Heather is partnered one-on-one with Leyly, a returning Team Read coach.  “Heather is really thoughtful with her reading,” says Leyly.  “She stops to sound out words.”  Leyly started in Team Read last year and comes from a dual-language household where she also speaks Spanish.

On a recent November afternoon, the pair was busy reading a chapter book.  The topic for the day was “genre” and Heather identified the book as fiction, and mystery, before launching into her reading.

Heather wasn’t the least bit shy about admitting how much she loves having a reading coach to support her twice-a-week.  “My coach is the best because she’s awesome!”  says Heather.  We agree!  Thanks Leyly, for all you do!