If you ask Executive Director Maureen Massey what she believes was the most valuable aspect of Team Read’s partnership with SVP, she will say unequivocally, every time, “working with Katja as our Lead Partner.” Katja Shaye served for 4 years as Team Read’s SVP Lead Partner and in that role she was a strong and insightful leader, strategic thought partner, and a committed and tenacious believer in Team Read’s model and potential for growth. Katja became the “SVP guide” through the organizational assessments, work-plans and volunteer job descriptions.

Maureen recalls that during the website development project Katja focused on the end goal—an amazing website—while also paying close attention to the myriad details of the project. She served on Team Read’s strategic growth task force helping craft our 5-year strategic growth plan. She was an integral part of the development of our marketing and communications plan and much more.

Katja devoted innumerable hours of work, thought and care to Team Read’s success and she is the latest inductee into the Team Read Hall of Fame.

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