“We are excited to be expanding Seattle Team Read’s partnership with Seattle Public Library to include after school programs at NewHolly Branch Library and High Point Branch Library,” says Executive Director, Maureen Massey. “Seattle Housing Authority staff helped introduce us to families in these neighborhoods at community events this summer and are continuing to help us reach out to families and community partners. Library staff are spreading the word about this opportunity to the students and families they are serving and making us feel very welcome! Kids will receive the reading tutoring support they need to become great readers in the Seattle Public Library environment that is rich with wonderful, free resources for them and their families. We will be encouraging our students, their teen coaches and families to take advantage of all that the libraries have to offer.”

We are also thrilled to be partnering with East African Community Services located in the same New Holly neighborhood complex as the New Holly Library in south Beacon Hill. East African Community Services provides culturally responsive K-12 education programs that keep youth safe and help them succeed in school and life. Team Read provides our one-on-one reading tutoring to students enrolled in East African Community Services after school programs, twice a week.