My name is Elyse and I am in 9th grade. This is my first year as a Team Read coach at Concord International Elementary. I remember when my older sister was a Team Read coach during her freshman year of high school, and I’m so excited to follow in her footsteps. I have always wanted to participate in Team Read because I love reading and it is my dream to become an elementary school teacher. I am getting so much practice and gaining new skills through this tutoring experience.

Elyse and Site Coordinator Kelsey

Team Read is a great program for elementary students who are struggling with reading. This year is a little different because we’re online, but that doesn’t stop the fun from happening! I work with two amazing young students. Seeing them get excited about reading makes me feel like my work as a coach is paying off. In Team Read, students are learning while having fun playing sight word and phonological awareness games, and reading aloud to their coach.

My favorite part about working with my students is being able to share similar interests. Having a good relationship with your student makes the experience more fun, and helps you communicate effectively. Although it may be challenging at times because of connectivity issues or distractions around us, I have seen improvement with both of my students. They love telling me about the things they are doing in class and the new books they are reading.

Some new skills I have learned so far working with Team Read are patience and organization. I’ve also learned it’s important to keep your student engaged and make sure they know you are excited to read with them. Congratulate them on their progress, whether it’s a small milestone or big. Most of all have fun and READ!