As Team Read approaches our 25th anniversary next fall, we’re thrilled to have a passionate and dedicated alumna leading the organization into the next chapter, helping Team Read reach even more young readers and teens in our community.

Chance Hunt, President Emeritus: Team Read is an awesome organization, and one that took its game to a whole new level during the past school year. Serving as Board President during a year of so much uncertainty and change, I saw firsthand the commitment and creativity of the entire Team Read team.  Leadership, staff, and teen coaches made the transition from the classroom to online to ensure that young readers get the support they need. And now we are seeing opportunities with an expanded reach into new learning communities. I couldn’t be prouder!  As the new school year begins, the board is fortunate to have Yolanda Eng step into the role of president. She brings personal experience, deep knowledge and impressive drive to help Team Read thrive well into the future.

Yolanda Eng, Board President: I joined the board because Team Read meant so much to me as a teen coach and because I truly believe in its impact. I witnessed first-hand the power of Team Read’s program to improve literacy skills and instill confidence in students – drastically changing the trajectory of a student’s academic journey. I see Team Read developing a generation of leaders and I wanted to be part of that impact, which is why I chose to serve as Board President. I hope to see even more Team Read alumni join me on the board to continue investing and raising leaders in our community!