Team Read is thrilled to have two fabulous summer interns, Vy and Anahi, who came to us from the Community Service Work Study program at Stanford. Learn more about what inspired them to work for Team Read and what they hope to learn through this experience.


Why were you interested in interning for Team Read?

Vy: I worked as a Team Read tutor in my junior and senior year of high school and absolutely loved the job. I’ve always enjoyed working with children, but it was after working with Team Read that I began thinking deeply about my career path and the kind of role I want to play in children’s lives. I believe there are many more valuable things I can learn at Team Read, and I am super grateful that the organization has allowed me to work with them once again.

 Anahi: This summer, I wanted an opportunity to engage in projects behind the scenes that advanced towards achieving a mission of helping youth’s literacy and leadership skills. Team Read’s values of equity and youth really resonated with me as I researched potential organizations in the Seattle area to work with to help achieve these . 

Which project(s) are you most looking forward to working on?

Vy: I’m currently working with Team Read through the implementation of online tutoring as a response to the COVID pandemic in the summer and the school-year program. I’m also interested in working on and developing the teen development side of Team Read during my time as an intern.

Anahi: I’m really looking forward to helping implement the pilot for Team Read’s virtual summer program, and creating a new family advisory group by researching and outlining a proposal plan that brings together the voices of the community in an engaging and meaningful way. 


What new skills/experiences are you hoping to gain during your internship?

Vy: I have always been curious as to what the behind-the-scenes of a nonprofit organization looks like, so this internship is a valuable opportunity for me to learn more about the logistics and operations of a nonprofit. Additionally, this internship is different than the other jobs I’ve had in the past, in that I’m allowed more freedom in my work projects. This is a great opportunity for me to learn how to take initiative as well as building leadership skills in the workplace.

Anahi: I’m undecided about my potential major or career, so I am hoping to gain valuable insight into potential careers in the nonprofit sector, learn how non-profit organizations operate, and gain experience in planning and facilitating programming at a community level. I am also hoping to improve my research and critical thinking skills working on some of the projects that require thinking creatively, especially during this time. 


What’s your favorite book?
Winger by Andrew Smith. It was the very first book that brought me to tears, and because I’m not the type to cry easily, the novel has a special place in my heart. 

Anahi: My favorite book would probably have to be Old Yeller by Fred Gipson. This was the first book gifted to me by my elementary school teacher and I really loved the relationship between the main character and his loyal dog. It’s an old children’s novel that I highly recommend if you’re looking for a touching story to read and love dogs. 


What’s your favorite summer activity?

Vy: I love going to any sort of festivals/amusement parks with my friends. I enjoy exploring different types of food and expanding my palate, so the Bite of Seattle is among my top favorite festivals to go to in the summer!

Anahi: I recently learned to swim and Washington’s lakes are the perfect place to head for swimming and fun during a sunny day with family and friends!