Job Title and Company: Education & Library Sales Assistant, Penguin Random House

Education: Whitman College, B.A. in Psychology & B.A. in Sociology, 2017

Team Read Experience: 2013 Reading Coach, Broadview Thomson

My passion for reading began at a young age, when I was often found biking home from the library with a backpack full of series paperbacks. Though I have since moved on to titles such as The Circle by Dave Eggers and Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham, the speed at which I devour books has not.

Prior to Team Read, I took for granted my ability to read such books and at such a fast pace. Working at Team Read inspired me to share my passion for reading with others. In my current job I am passionate about bringing to others the same access to books that I received as a child. Reading and literacy are fundamental skills, and I will never forget seeing my Second Grade Team Read buddy read a book all by himself.