Imagine being in 3rd grade and believing that you cannot become a good reader because you’ve been struggling since kindergarten. You dread being asked to read aloud in class. Or, imagine how stressful it could feel to try and learn English and learn to read at the same time. This is the story for far too many children.

That’s why Team Read is here to help. For twenty years, Team Read has supported thousands of students on their journey to becoming successful readers. Principals, teachers, and parents agree that Team Read is a high-quality program that helps students become better, more confident readers.

Our secret? Amazing teen reading coaches who work one-on-one with their student readers to develop their vocabulary, fluency and comprehension skills, and find fun and unique ways to help them learn to read!

Jasmine, a five-year reading coach, reflects on her work with Manny:

When I first met Manny, he appeared to be a fluent and competent reader. As we read together, I quickly realized he could read the words, but he didn’t comprehend what he was reading. He struggled with remembering storylines and sometimes became distracted.

Throughout the year, we placed an emphasis on comprehension. After every few pages, I would ask him to summarize events, to ensure that he was fully understanding the story and remembering important details.

By the end of the year, Manny answered my comprehension questions with confidence, clarity and a huge smile of pride on his face. He steadily progressed seven levels!

Note: By May, Manny was reading above grade level. He and Jasmine read 49 books together and he learned over 6,000 sight words.

Team Read is the most fulfilling first job I could have imagined. It is an incredible opportunity for teens to give back to their community. It’s accessible, fun, and so important.

Manny’s mom agrees that Team Read is an invaluable program. ‘“Team Read is a great foundation for early readers. Manny really loved the one-on-one attention he got from Jasmine. He was able to ask questions, and get the support, feedback, and encouragement that he really needs and appreciates,” she says.

Your year-end donation will help unlock the reading potential of struggling readers—creating success stories like Manny’s—and provide jobs for teens. Your gift will support Team Read’s growth in Seattle and Highline Public Schools, offering a better future for many students in our community. Donations by Donations can be made by check and mailed to Team Read at the address below or you can donate online.

On behalf of everyone at Team Read, thank you! We wish you a peaceful holiday season filled with friends, family, and books!