Team Read recently completed training for new reading coaches to work in Seattle and Highline second semester. More than 150 new teens were recruited to work in the program. These new teens will join coaches already at our sites.

“I want to be a Team Read coach because I really like kids and I struggled with reading when I was younger. I don’t want them to get frustrated like I did,” says tenth-grader Corinna.

New coach training includes a review of job requirements, procedures and performance expectations. We also work with our new coaches to develop a foundation of tutoring skills. Coaches will work with students to build fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. In training, coaches perform role play exercises where they get the chance to practice decoding difficult words and asking important questions to ensure student comprehension.

Second semester for Team Read began the week of February 5 with on-site orientations for all coaches at our Team Read sites. Coaches receive 5 hours of training before they are paired with student readers.