Can you imagine going to school every day on a computer? Now, more than eight months into the pandemic, this is the reality for most children in our community.

Remote learning is effective for some students, but those who need more one-on-one attention are falling behind.  Many children are struggling and miss building close relationships with friends and teachers that can help them succeed academically.

With your support, Team Read can help.  Team Read believes in the power of the pair—a beginning reader and their teen reading coach.  Our unique one-on-one tutoring program is more important than ever because we can provide the individual attention young readers need.

This summer, Team Read piloted a virtual tutoring program in partnership with Seattle and Highline Public Schools, serving more than 140 young readers and teen coaches. Reading pairs and staff quickly adapted to the online format. Our coaches were excited to do their part to accommodate change and keep readers reading, while helping us land a successful approach.  In light of ongoing school closures, Team Read is committed to delivering the program remotely this year, supporting more than 350 readers and employing 175 teens.  And we need your help to keep these powerful pairs together!

Fourth grader Jaden recently began working with his new reading coach and his mom, Lisa, is thrilled to have the additional support:

I work 12-hr shifts at the hospital as a nurse’s assistant. My husband and I don’t have much time once we get home to practice reading and math with our son Jaden. He’s pretty shy in class and learns a bit slower than his peers. During the day, he and his younger sister are with their grandpa who doesn’t speak English, so he can’t help with their schoolwork. I’m so grateful that there’s a program like Team Read to support him and I’m excited Jaden can be part of it.

Jaden’s summer reading coach Lourienne also saw him progress in Team Read. “He became more enthusiastic about reading, especially when he went up a reading level or read nonfiction books,” she said. “He had no problem asking questions or telling me how he was feeling; it really helped me figure out how to best help him as a tutor.”

With your help, we can support kids like Jaden along their journey to becoming great readers, while also providing meaningful jobs for teens. Your gift will provide ongoing training and professional development for reading coaches, technology subscriptions, family outreach events, books for readers, and so much more. Please donate today!

On behalf of everyone at Team Read, thank you for your continued support. We wish you a safe and joyful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Best wishes,

Melissa Pailthorp, Executive Director