Our Lake City site celebrated graduation with a game of Team Read Jeopardy!

Team Read just wrapped up a momentous school year with our first-ever online after school program. Nineteen virtual tutoring sites, serving hundreds of students in Seattle and Highline Public Schools, celebrated a year of reading and some amazing progress by our powerful pairs.

Teen coaches and student readers spent their last tutoring sessions reading their favorite books together, sharing goodbye messages, and celebrating their accomplishments in online ceremonies. There were heartfelt messages, handwritten notes and signs, graduation events, inspirational talks and dance parties, all happening online.

“Team Read is awesome! You should always keep reading. Team Read is very helpful,” said student reader Dylan who was excited to read one last time with his coach Jayden.

“Dylan brings a great attitude,” said Jayden, who was also in Team Read when they were in elementary school. “He’s always excited to learn. He’s a happy part of my day.”

Tutoring pairs have each completed 40 hours of one-on-one reading time together since November.

As Team Read wraps up the school year, we are also gearing up for a summer program that will include tutoring for more than 200 students at six sites in Seattle. The Team Read Summer Program will bring students and coaches together online four days a week for reading and fun enrichment activities beginning in July and into August. Programming includes partnerships with Seattle Public Schools, The Seattle Public Library, Seattle’s Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL), Youth Tutoring Program, and the Frye Art Museum.

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