Our 2016-17 Site Coordinators and Site Assistants recently met to plan for the upcoming school year. We asked a few of them to tell us what they’re looking forward to most this year. Here’s what they had to say:


site-coordinator-assistant-meeting-sept-16I’m so excited for the new time-productive schedule this fall! 120 minutes a week of consistent learning is all we need to positively impact a student’s life!  -Mayleen

I am most excited about seeing the establishment of relationships between student readers and their coaches this fall. It’s always nice to see students making a beeline for their coaches once they come to Team Read because they can’t wait to work with them!  – Callie

For Team Read this fall, I am most excited about coming back to work with not only the students this time, but coaches as well. As a Site Assistant rookie I’m excited for the new experience.  -Ebonye

As a Site Assistant, just like every year, I look forward to working together with my Site Coordinator and the Coaches to help the students improve on their reading. It makes me so happy to see how much the students grow as readers! I’m also excited to enter a new site and connect to a new environment!  -Ross Ann