We have exciting progress to share about Team Read’s expansion into new districts and schools this program year! Team Read is reaching more students through new programs in Renton and Tukwila and more schools in Highline.

Educators have welcomed our expansion and were instrumental in bringing Team Read to South King County schools. Ted Howard, the chief academic officer of the Tukwila School District, worked with Team Read to get the program there. He was the principal at Garfield High School for 16 years and saw how the program benefitted young readers and the teen coaches.  

“I watched my students’ behavior change when they got a chance to go back to their elementary schools and help other students be successful … So, when I came here, and it was a potential opportunity for that to happen here, I was like, ‘Wow, we could actually do this here in Tukwila with our high school kids going to our elementary schools,’” he said. 

Here are a few other highlights from Team Read’s recent expansion: 

  • At Tukwila Team Read, all three local elementary schools – Cascade View Elementary, Tukwila Elementary, and Thorndyke Elementary – are participating, and all the teen coaches come from Foster High School. The young readers and teen coaches are working together in person at the elementary schools.
  • Teens in the Renton Teacher Academy and Educators Rising Club are reading coaches for Renton Team Read, helping the city expand its teacher pipeline efforts. They’re working in person with young readers from Campbell Hill Elementary.
  • In its sixth year, Highline Team Read now has teen coaches from all four Highline high schools: Highline, Tyee, Evergreen, and Mt. Rainier, and added Bow Lake Elementary to the program, joining Midway Elementary and Hazel Valley Elementary Schools. Due to the pandemic, the students work via a hybrid model where readers are online at their schools and coaches are online remotely.

An incredible group of site assistants, site coordinators, and district leads support these Team Read schools, along with many teachers, parents, administrators, and community members. We are grateful for all they do to support young readers and teen leaders.

Stay tuned for more updates on the new districts and schools as the program year progresses!