Over the past few weeks, Team Read provided online training for 180+ teen reading coaches in preparation for the 2021-22 Seattle school year program. It was great to see lots of returning coaches, as well as many new faces, eager to learn more about their role in supporting emerging young readers.

Coach feedback from previous years suggests returning coaches want deeper training than the introduction new coaches are provided.  This year we focused on helping our 80 returning coaches build additional skills required in specific learning situations and through more dynamic engagement.

Return coach training included discussions on growing equity. Teens were able to talk through different and perhaps uncomfortable scenarios and how they might handle them at Team Read with an equity lens. We then gave return coaches options for different workshops to self-select based on their own interest. The three workshop options were:

  • English Language Learner Specialist – tips and tricks for working with beginning readers
  • Working with a Frustrated Reader – learning how to help your student experience success and gain confidence in reading
  • Leadership at Work – discussion on what makes a good leader and how to be a leader in different ways at Team Read

This is what some of our return coaches had to say about the training:

“I loved how you could choose the workshop that you wanted to attend so that people could learn what they needed the most help with.”

“I really liked how we focused on ways we can improve as coaches.”

“I liked how everyone was engaged and talking with one another, and sharing their own experiences with their student reader.”

Our next set of trainings will be with Team Read’s expansion districts: Highline, Tukwila, and Renton. We look forward to taking some of our improved practice to our new partner schools!