“A primary goal of Team Read’s Summer Program is to help prevent summer learning loss. Our partnership with The City of Seattle and Summer Staircase lets us reach and engage more kids than ever to achieve this goal. Watching almost 80 kids having fun while learning is a testament to the success of our new program. I’m excited to walk in everyday!” Rose Nakano, Summer & Team Read+ Program Coordinator

Rising 1st-5th graders spend mornings building their literacy and math skills with MLK Elementary teachers, supported by Team Read staff and Instructional Assistants from the school district. If you asked students how they spend the afternoon, you’d hear replies of “Having fun!” While student readers work with teen coaches twice weekly, Team Read’s Summer Program infuses joy and learning into a variety of activities.Just imagine:

In the Literacy rotation, students play charades through stories, to develop vocabulary, build social skills, and connect characters to their own lives.

In the Math rotation, students graph their favorite types of cookies, or put together a challenging tangram puzzle.

In the Science rotation, students blow up balloons with vinegar and baking soda to learn how to hypothesize and experiment.

In the Makerspace rotation, students invent tin foil boats, paper airplanes, lego worlds, and pipe cleaner creations.

In the Recreation rotation, students play games to learn sportsmanship…and expend energy!