Teen Reading Coach Job Description

Teen Reading Coaches provide one-on-one tutoring after school, two days each week. They help their assigned student readers improve their reading skills, while also being positive role models and mentors: they care about their readers’ success and show empathy and understanding in their work.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Model a positive attitude towards reading and regularly communicate the honest belief that your student reader will become a better, more confident reader
  • Work within the tutoring structure outlined in Team Read training sessions and materials
  • Follow directions from, ask questions of, and implement feedback provided by the Site Coordinator, Site Assistant, and other program staff
  • Be on time and present at every tutoring session
    • Contact your Site Coordinator at least 3 hours in advance of your session start time if you must be late or absent due to illness or family emergency (see Reading Coach Handbook for additional attendance policy information)
    • Focus on your reader and their work, and participate actively


  • Develop a positive relationship with your student reader and help them stay on task using an open mind, patience, provided behavior strategies, and creativity to address challenges you may face
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of Team Read word work, fluency, and comprehension strategies by using them consistently
  • Participate in both pre-tutoring set up and after session coaching debriefs run by your Site Coordinator
  • Take responsibility for your ongoing learning and skill development by attending required Team Read trainings, workshops, and professional development sessions
  • Demonstrate job responsibility by following Team Read policies and guidelines 


Team Read’s Commitment
Team Read commits to support you as you develop the skills needed to succeed right now as a coach, as well as in your future career. We expect you to grow in your role in the following areas: attendance and job readiness; relationship building; use of coaching materials; and patience and consistency in responding to reader behavior challenges you may face. We want you to see and feel the power of community connection through your work!