The Team Read staff is heartbroken and angered by the horrific events that have taken place throughout our country. We stand in solidarity with those who have been, and continue to be, personally impacted by racial inequities and violence. Black Lives Matter. George Floyd matters.  As with reading, the color of one’s skin should not determine if you can enjoy bird watching like Christian Cooper, go jogging like Ahmaud Arbery or sleep in your bed peacefully like Breonna Taylor.  We must eradicate systemic racism. 

Team Read strengthens literacy to enable anti-racism.  The written word can support discussion and expansive learning.  Together we must equip, inspire, and educate our young people so they can change our world to become a just, equitable place for all. We work to close gaps, but must also do all we can to prevent them and break the cycles that perpetuate them. This means examining and interrogating how we address racism within our own organization and within the larger system in which we play a part.  We’re not done.

We know this is an extremely difficult time for many of our students and their families.  In the spirit of Team Read, we’d like to share books that will help parents and their children together read about racism and celebrate diversity: