Team Read students always impress, but we were particularly wowed by the hard work of Asma at Thurgood Marshall this April. Asma set out to read for 500 minutes as part of our April read-a-thon, but the more she read, the more she wanted to read.

“I kept finding a lot of books I liked, and I started to read them,” Asma recalls. In particular, she loved the young adult novel Fang and also the series Ruby and the Booker Boys. Asma kept reading and reading, and by the end of the month, she had read for more than 1,200 minutes, or 20 hours.

“Asma loves reading!” notes her Team Read coach Halima. “She wants to rush into reading during every session.”

Students around the city participated in the April read-a-thon, tracking their progress with bubblegum stickers on giant bubblegum machine posters created by reading coaches. Every gumball sticker represented 30 minutes of reading. By the end of the month, many of our students had blown past their 500 minute goal.

Students at South Shore PK-8 read more than any other school, filling their gumball machine to the max.

Congratulations to Asma and all of our hardworking read-a-thon participants!