Jack, you’ve given so much time to Team Read as a volunteer and tutor. Can we clone you?2

Only if I get a clone for myself — someone to go to school for me so I can stay home and sleep late.

When you tutor, you look like you’re having a lot of fun.
Sometimes school is hard, or your student is a challenge, but Team Read always brightens my day.

You ask your student a lot of questions while he reads. You sound like a game show host.
I want to make sure my student remembers what he reads. He also needs to understand the books. When I ask questions, it keeps his attention. It’s like we’re having a conversation as we read.

Your first year with Team Read was a little tough.
My first student liked to run around the library. He flipped over a couple chairs. It was hard to get him to read.

You’ve worked with lots of high-energy students. How do you keep them focused?
I find books they actually want to read, and they channel their own energy.

Great! What books do your students love?
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the Magic Tree House series, anything by Dr. Seuss, fairy tales. Joke books always work too.

You just took the SAT. What’s harder: tutoring or taking the test?
The SAT. In Team Read, you work with your student. You both improve. The SAT was only made to punish you.

Ha ha. Will you mention Team Read in your college applications?
Yes! I’ll write about how Team Read has improved my learning and communication skills. I’ve learned public speaking through Team Read. I’ve learned how to work in groups as a Team Read Ambassador. Tutoring has also taught me patience.

Where do you want to go to school?
UC Berkeley or the University of Washington. I want to study computer engineering.

Will you still use your great tutoring skills?
Yes, I’ll find a way. I promise.