Two years ago, Team Read developed an ambitious plan for program expansion, while also acknowledging the need to improve our internal systems to prepare for this growth.  COVID-19 has forced a pause on some of these aspirations, but we have forged ahead with creating a far more robust database than Team Read has ever had.  The ability to access, review, analyze and explore our data – in the cloud – is game changing for Team Read.  We can now quickly identify who among our coaches were once tutored by Team Read, and ensure we’re continuing to recruit and hire coaches who best reflect our readers.  We’ve eliminated processes built on paper flow and re-keying data, saving trees as well as sweat and tears! 

Highline Program Assistant Alicia Rodriguez has this to say about our new platform:

“The ability to quickly access specific information on each reader and coach – without the need to ask for that information from others – is huge for Team Read!  We will save many hours of work completing payroll, tracking reader progress or even just calling coaches and families.  I’m excited to see what we do with information from here.”

A second major system improvement is the result of the extensive devotion of our long-time tech volunteer, Kevin Phaup.  Kevin’s careful work on our supporters database has saved Team Read in excess of ten thousand dollars, while enabling us to learn more about our supporters and what they value most about the work we do.  This kind of back-office enhancement is priceless to a small but mighty nonprofit like Team Read, and we’re looking forward to exploring new ways to engage with our donors, alumni, parents, and community partners.

THANK YOU to our amazing volunteers, board members and staff who have helped Team Read with these important improvements!