It’s that time of year again! Students are back in school and the Team Read 2018-19 program will kick off in November. As the program continues to grow in both Seattle and Highline, we’re hoping to grow our lending libraries as well. Team Read is hosting its second annual Alumni Book Drive beginning Monday, October 1. We’re inviting all Team Read supporters to participate by donating fun, high-interest books that students can borrow and practice reading at home.

Our new Board member and Team Read alumna, Yolanda Eng, will chair the event. “I remember how selecting a book that interested my reader made all the difference in her desire to read,” she says. “Team Read is not only about helping kids learn how to read, but also about helping kids learn how to love reading.”

How to Donate:
1. Browse the wish list, select books that you’d like to purchase, and ship them directly to the Team Read office. Be sure to include a gift receipt, so we can acknowledge your donation! Each book will have a sticker with the donor’s name listed inside the front cover.

2. If you are a former reading coach, join us on Friday, October 26 from 6 to 8 pm at Little Oddfellows (located inside Elliott Bay Book Company) for a Team Read Alumni Happy Hour. Drop off your books, enjoy some light refreshments, and mingle with fellow alumni. During the event, Elliott Bay Book Company will offer a 20% discount on children’s books purchased for Team Read’s Alumni Book Drive. If you know somebody who is a former reading coach, bring them along too!