Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program This summer Team Read is partnering with the Seattle Public Schools Summer Staircase program and the Seattle Public Library to provide 6 weeks of reading tutoring support for vulnerable first, second, and third-grade students. From June 22nd...

Annual Breakfast Fundraiser

Team Read’s “Oh The Places You’ll Go” Fundraising Breakfast is Wednesday, October 28th at 7:30 at the downtown Seattle Westin. We hope you’ll join us! Our annual breakfast is a great opportunity to ge

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Sakura and Kaimana

The word is climbs. Kaimana stares at it. He frowns. He won’t speak. He fidgets in his chair. It makes no sense: Why is there a “b” at the end of this word?

Paying It Forward — Jack’s Story

My name is Jack Khuu and I’m a first-generation Chinese American.
I was in Team Read in second grade, at an important time in my life. At home, my parents and grandparents spoke Cantonese. None of our books were in English and the TV was always on a Chinese-language channel.

Justin Bieber – Myla’s Reading Incentive

My name is Kiarra and I was a Team Read tutor for three years. I want to tell you about my student Myla. When I met Myla she was in 2nd grade. While her classmates were making steady progress in reading, her teacher said Myla was stuck.