April 2, 2020

From October to early March, our powerful pairs worked together at 17 tutoring sites in Seattle and Highline. Their twice-weekly meetings allowed them to develop a close bond through one-on-one reading, playing games and sharing laughs. Team Read’s student readers have already made great progress so far this year with help from their teen coaches, with many increasing at least one grade level in reading.

Photo by Lisa Bontje

In the wake of abrupt school closures, Team Read staff reached out to teen coaches and parents of student readers to see how we can continue to support them during this ambiguous time. The response was strong; readers and teens miss each other already and are thinking about their pair partner! Based on what they said would be helpful, our next steps are to:

  • Ask coaches to write letters of support and encouragement for their students to keep reading!
  • Create an easy-to-use game guide to share with families and referring teachers
  • Continue to explore how we can creatively engage teens and readers in joyful learning to sustain reading gains
  • Build out our plan for the best summer program we can possibly support!

These are challenging times for families and educators and all involved in education, but working collaboratively with our school and library partners, we’re ready to do all that we can to emerge from this unusual period even stronger.

Thank you for supporting the team!

Melissa Pailthorp, Executive Director

March 16, 2020

Dear Team Read Friends and Supporters,

We’re writing to share an update with you regarding the impact of COVID-19 on Team Read programs and how we’re moving forward during these uncertain times. Like you, we have been riding the wave of evolving information over the past week and adapting to changes taking place in real time. Team Read must follow guidelines from partner school districts and The Seattle Public Library and all after school programs, including Team Read, are cancelled through April 24 , with the plan to resume regular activities once schools and libraries reopen. We are tracking all measures to keep students constructively engaged in learning during the closures.

Currently both Seattle and Highline Public Schools are focused on providing meal supports and solving child care needs (see links within for resources in each district). We are continuing to talk with district and library partners to find ways to best reinforce any effort to maintain learning momentum for all students.

During the program closure, Team Read central office staff will work remotely as required by public health guidelines. We are looking for positive, constructive ways to engage with and support our student readers and their teen coaches in concert with these guidelines. Team Read’s powerful pairs have already made tremendous progress together so far this year and their achievements should be celebrated and sustained! Stay tuned for stories and updates on Team Read programming.

Thanks to our amazing community for your ongoing support. Stay safe and take care!


Team Read Staff